Our Programs

Academic programming

To prepare children to be the next generation of leaders, Milpitas Christian School educates the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

Students at MCS are inspired to think creatively and critically. They are challenged to acquire Christ-like character, and they are often reminded that God has created each student wonderfully with the ultimate goal of transforming their world for Jesus Christ. Our academic program provides rigor and challenge as teachers personalize the educational experience for each child.

The ingredients to achieve our mission at MCS include low student-to-teacher class ratios, a well-rounded Christ-centered, college preparatory curriculum enriched with music, band, physical education, STEAM, and athletic opportunities, and teachers who love and inspire their students to go beyond their potential.


High-quality preschool makes a difference. Studies have shown that children have stronger math and reading skills. When they are better prepared for kindergarten, they behave better in class, graduate from high school, and go on to college.

Our passion and calling are to nurture and prepare young minds for school readiness—while making it fun. Our developmentally age-appropriate program is encouraging, inspirational, and Bible-based. Teachers and staff provide a loving, Christian atmosphere to help each child grow intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Young children learn best when they have fun in a safe, comfortable space. Our bright and cheerfully-decorated classrooms have convenient access to drinking fountains and bathrooms. The secure, outdoor play areas are the perfect environment for running, jumping, and playing.

The MCS Preschool program offers:

  • Safe and nurturing Christian environment
  • Integrated Bible literacy and handwriting curriculum
  • Full-day and half-day classes for 2- to 4-year-olds
  • Extended care: as early as 7:30 am, as late as 6:00 pm*
  • Licensed by the California Department of Social Services (Facility #430709420)

* Extended care is available for part-time students before school from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and after school from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm. Full-time students are provided a healthy lunch daily, included in tuition.

Pre2: Age 2 years old

Our program for two-year-olds offers opportunities to develop the whole child. As we lay the early foundations for learning, each child can develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Fine motor skills, language development, creativity, and confidence are developed through daily art activities. Social and emotional skills are developed as the children learn to play next to and with each other, leading to the beginnings of Effective Communicating and becoming Community Contributors.

Our 1:6 staff-to-child ratio in our program for two-year-olds allows for more engagement with the children as they are exposed to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, leading to Creative and Complex Thinkers. The children learn that God loves them and how to show God’s love to others through daily Bible stories.

On a typical preschool day, your child will discover the joy of learning through their classroom science and math centers; each child participates monthly in our hands-on Science Lab. Your child will be well prepared and ready for the year ahead in our program for Three-Year-Olds.

Pre3: Age 3 years old

Our classrooms for three-year-olds offer opportunities to develop the whole child, as we continue to lay the foundations for learning through the development of each child intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Fine motor development continues through teaching the children lacing, scissor skills, beading, and coloring during small group times and through each classroom’s writing center. On a typical preschool day, your child might be seen riding a trike or scooter in the trike area or mastering the climbing structure in the shady playground, which leads to continued gross motor development.

The low staff-to-child ratio of 1:8 in our program facilitates learning and confidence in three-year-old children as they learn the daily routines in the classroom, how to follow directions, and continued social and emotional skills through play. As the children are taught to recognize many of the letters of the alphabet and the sounds the letters most commonly make, they continue to become Effective Communicators. Through both small and large group instruction, our three-year-olds work with numbers, colors, shapes, and a monthly spatial concept. These intellectual goals help our children to be Creative and Complex Thinkers. Bible stories, songs, and prayer, provide opportunities for the children to learn how much God loves them, leading them to be Followers of Christ. Your child will be prepared and ready for our program for Four-Year-Olds.

Pre4: Age 4 years old

Our four-year-old classrooms offer opportunities to develop the whole child, as we continue to lay the foundations for learning and prepare the children for kindergarten through the development of each child intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Language development and literacy are taught through Activate Early Learning, a unit-based approach that teaches comprehension, predicting, and sequencing to children. The Handwriting without Tears curriculum is used to teach the children pre-writing skills, recognition of letters, and the sounds the letters most commonly make, resulting in Creative and Complex Thinkers as well as Effective Communication by the children.

On a typical preschool day, your child might explore geometry and shapes in their classroom Math Center, or water density in the Science Center. Monthly Science Labs offer opportunities for the children to experience and learn about topics such as molecules, water, color, and light. Fine motor development continues as the children learn more about writing, drawing, and pencil control in the Writing Center. Outside play develops gross motor skills as the children are learning about balance and fitness through our “Kid Fit” program, as well as free choice play. Each child grows socially and emotionally through increased work and play habits, taking responsibility for themselves, following classroom routines, and respecting and caring for their classroom environment. As the children listen to and participate in Bible stories and songs, they learn more about Jesus’ love for them, how God created everything, and that the Bible is God’s Word, leading them to be Followers of Christ. Your child will be prepared and ready to learn in Kindergarten.

Elementary School

Milpitas Christian School’s Elementary Program equips children in Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten through 5th grade. The full spectrum curriculum challenges each child to grow intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

By integrating technology and robotics at all grade levels, our students develop an exceptional academic foundation in the earliest years. Our meritorious Outdoor Education (4th and 5th grades), choral/instrumental music programs, and academic competitions are inspirational highlights for our children. Afterschool enrichment programs include Chess, Creative Art, Food Explorers, Tennis, Mandarin Chinese, and Renaissance Club for gifted learners.

The elementary years are full of energy and excitement as strong foundations are laid for life-long learning. Our Christ-centered curriculum and instruction are built upon proven brain-based and educational research, and we are consistently amazed by what our students are able to learn and achieve.

Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten

TK & Kindergarten are some of the most formative years of a child’s life. At Milpitas Christian School, our faculty and staff strive to provide a nurturing space for children to develop the skills necessary to be successful, happy, and confident in the years that follow.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) serves as a bridge between Preschool and Kindergarten, providing students time to develop fundamental skills needed for success in school in a nurturing, age, and developmentally-appropriate setting. TK is ideal for children who will be turning 5 years old in the Fall or Winter, and those who are old enough for Kindergarten but who may benefit from an additional year of development and preparation prior to entering a more rigorous and structured class.

Our Kindergarten curriculum provides the building blocks for future academic growth and achievement, establishing a foundation in the core subjects: Math (Singapore Math), Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Technology, Physical Education, Music, and Art.


MCS aims to ignite student curiosity and problem-solving skills by providing a program that educates the whole student. All of our courses are taught with a focus on STEAM, Christ-like character, and hands-on learning, our goal is to equip students for the careers of tomorrow as they become contributing citizens and leaders in their local and global communities.

The STEAM & Innovation program at MCS is led by two passionate and inspiring instructors who instruct our students and support and equip our teaching staff with the most up-to-date technology training and professional development in STEAM.
Students at MCS enjoy a well-rounded and hands-on STEAM education preparing them to be:

Innovative, Curious, Creative, Problem Solvers, Collaborative, Resilient, Resourceful, Empathetic, Gritty (it’s okay to fail but the key is to persevere)

+ Gifted and Special Services

MCS also offers the Renaissance Club for highly qualified students in grades 3 through 8. After-school classes are rooted in the sciences or humanities such as CSI Crime Investigating or MCS Flea Market Flip. Students are also invited to compete in Odyssey of the Mind, a program where students develop creative problem-solving skills using real-world problems.

The Resource Center is not a special education program, but we do offer a selection of services for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. We work to satisfy the requirements in IEPs and 504 plans developed by doctors, therapists, and public school officials.


  • Direct access to all classroom teachers and curriculum
  • Available in-classroom learning devices include adjustable tables, tools, and sound systems
  • The sensory Room offers a safe, comfortable environment for students to regulate themselves (calm down or perk up)
  • Services are conveniently available on-site. Parents do not need to make separate pick-up/drop-off arrangements
  • Remote tutoring via Zoom
  • Provide support to help students understand homework assignments
  • Equip students to develop study skills
  • Come alongside students who are learning the English language

+ Resource Center

Milpitas Christian School is committed to meeting the needs of all its students. One way is through our Resource Center. Staffed with highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff, we meet in a one-to-one environment and are able to design the sessions to fit the individual needs of each student using curriculum and strategies that are current and have been well-vetted by the educational and scientific communities.

Experience why our children are HAPPY to learn!